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I plan to graduate from Cazenovia College in 2023 with a BFA in Studio art, a specialty in Painting, and a minor in Pre-Art Therapy. I was born in Syracuse, NY, and grew up there my whole life, attending the Westhill Central School District until I graduated in 2019. Art has been a major part of my life, helping me through the loss of my father and giving me a way to connect to my mother and grandmother, and I was never discouraged from exploring it. The messier I get from what I create, the more fun I have had with the medium and project. A story isn't written completely on the first draft, nor is a painting, even when the canvas is fully covered. Art of all forms takes many drafts, and it is important to look at where one starts from just as it is important to look at where one ends.


Artists hold worlds inside their minds, the ability to create and destroy at will, the
solidifying necessity of most religions and beliefs to allow them to come to life through the
images they create paired with it. Each brushstroke is equivalent to a line or just a word in the
story I wish to tell, and if that stroke does not fit in anymore, then I can always replace it with
another one on top of it. All stories have layers; after all, they have a first draft before the final
draft and sometimes much more between those two, and my work evolves in a similar way.



BFA Studio Art
Caznovia College

Undergraduate degree in Studio Art with a minor in Pre Art Therapy. During their time at Cazenovia, they took many different studio classes ranging from 2D media to 3D media as well as a surplus of Psychology classes in preparation for their minor and the hope of going to Graduate School after completing their undergrad. They were a part of the final class to Graduate from Cazenovia College as it closed after the 2023 academic year.

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