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The World After


The loss of someone close to you and the grief accompanying it can happen anytime. Many artists explore death, loss, and grief in their artwork. Whether that art medium is a story, a painting, or anything in between, the act of grieving comes to everyone at one point in their life or another. Everyone experiences it, which is highly evident by the many different explorations into the subject through most mediums, Comic books being the most explored. In comics, the characters who meet death rarely stay dead for long unless you are Uncle Ben.
My inspiration for this series of paintings is coming to terms with the fact that I might be losing my much-loved cat, Swan, as she is 15, almost 16, and spends most of her time sleeping, and having already lost her brother, Checkers. I chose to explore this content through the comic book format because it is an excellent mode of storytelling. My paintings function like the cells on a double-page spread in a comic book. I strategically used warm and cool color schemes to evoke the world of the living versus the world of death respectively. The story I am telling in this work prepares me for the day I lose my cat, and while as sad as that may be, I know I will be ready because (as is shown in the paintings) she will be safe and sound reunited with her brother, a cat my family had lost five years ago.

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